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____Directory of Gifts with a Personal Touch!_____

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Baby Gifts

Spy Zone Child

Photo Mugs
Panoramic Mugs

Dashboard Radio/Cassette

Radio/CD Players

Marilyn Monroe
Mickey Mouse/Others


Security House/Office Alarm

Child Guardian Security


Insect Swatter/Zappers

Handmade Favors, Coverall
Bootie & Bib

Parents should know about"Growing Your Tax Shelter..." < Click
 Directory of  Party Favors with Personal Touch
  Porcelain Stork     Porcelain Bottle     Porcelain Rattle    Baby Shower
Variety... Place them on your guests! Holy Communion

Mini Tote Boxes

Party Favor Tote Boxes



71 Baby Home Safety Items

Baby  Monitor

Flashlight Lamp

911 Safety

Strobe Light

Emergency Lights

Kitchen Fire

Lighted Belt
for Night Safety


Pay Phone Replica
Our Story of Nostalgia

Birthday Favor 
Tote Boxes &

Prayer Mug
Gumball Machines
9" Without Stand
Sports Gumball
Machines/4 Types
For Leather Jackets and Clothing:
Buy 1 ink cartridge and get 1 free at
 Fully constructed doll houses, if you do not have time to build one from kit.
From Fine Wood
Finished Dollhouses and More

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Click here to read an inspiring truth to deepen your awareness and help adjust your behavior when raising your child.
Instead of sending a card to new parents, send our collectible Picture Poem, as shown on left. For details, click on picture.  Actual Size: 8" x 10"  We also send a colorful personalized letter with our teddy bears and balloons, from you to the new parents. This poem has been featured on "Poetry Today Online," a poetic newsletter for members worldwide.  Click here to see the original copy of their January 17, 1999 issue.
To Order: $15.95, Includes Shipping. 
Quantity: unit(s)

Send This Poem to The New Parents!

Personalizing with Baby's Name & Birthday on Matted Picture 
 Send this 14" Picture Poem as a Congratulations to the New Parents!
               ...Only $17.95, shipped 

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Baby Gifts for Parents
...One of A Kind!
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