Light 911 Emergency

When flashing, anyone will find your Home without street numbers!
It Has Many Uses -  Car Emergencies, Boats and Even Camping!
---Faces Outside of Window  |   Side View 3"W  |  Faces Inside of Window  ---
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*Install Inside Pane
(Light Faces Street)
*Suction Cup Fasten
(For Glass Mounting)
*With Instructions 

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Size:  Approximately a 5" Triangle
 8 Ounces Weight 
Item  Number:

Look at Above View

*Requires 9V Battery
(Easy Access Hatch)
*Press Red Button
(To activate Flashing)
*Operates up to 2 Hours
(Per Battery Life)
Battery Not Included
100,000 Candle Power Signal - Used To Alert:

Fire Department
Rescue Squad 
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