Child Safety with Child-Guardian

Helps Keep Your Children Safe!
Multi-Function Child Alarm, Security Monitor and Locating System...   Recommended for use with children two years and up.  Can also be used without remote unit as a personal alarm for adults and elderly people. 

Note:  Although Child Guardian is a state-of-the-art communication device, it is not to be used as a substitute for proper adult supervision.

Its 19, 000 different coded signals prevents interference from other Child Guardians.

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Unique Safety Functions

 Perfect for indoor/outdoor use - Range of up to 200 feet - Siren volume 105dB at one meter
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 Price: $44.95, includes shipping in USA

...audibly keeps tabs on an out-of-sight child ...locates and draws attention to a missing child ...child can initiate continuous alarm when hurt or in a panic situation ...siren clips onto belt and can be self-activated in a threatening situation

Operating and Ordering The Child-Guardian
1. Carrying unit is fitted into a tight pouch to protect the child from anyone removing it easily.
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2. Parent removes the transmitter pin from the unit and it "ARMS" the unit.
3. Requires a 9 Volt alkaline battery prior to first use and includes all instructions.
  Battery in Transmitter unit must be changed annually.
4. Offers a simple testing procedure for each use.
5. Parent can check child's location by pressing a button. Alarm sound emitted from the unit draws attention of people in surrounding area of your child.
6. Adults could clip the unit on while jogging, walking, hiking or in all potentially dangerous, and/or isolated situations.
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Child's unit size:  1" Thick x 2" Wide x 3" Long and comes with fitted pouch and adjustable belt, in soft Nylon.
Parent control button is the size and shape of a car door/trunk lock control unit.

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Price: $44.95, includes shipping in USA

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Typical Customer Feedback:

> Aloha Vincent,

>     Thank you for sending the product, it now works fantastic.  My son
> is a 2 year old rascal and is always running away from me in the stor
> or at the mall. This should keep him in line now.
> Thank you again for your prompt service.

> Mahalo Nui Loa,
> Dejon K...

>    Thank you.  I have been telling all my friends about your impressive service....who knows, you may get some more orders from Australia!

>Mary P.

>  "This Monitor is working out great!!!  We used it on vacation and still use it today.  When I beep my 3 yr. old daughter when she starts to wander she comes running to me.  Thank you for your help."


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