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Handmade Pouches for Almonds or Mints!

<FOVR-C       FBIB-C>
 Price:  $1.69 each, with minimum purchase of  25 pieces.
(Total cost , 25 x $1.69 each + shipping and handling= $42.25 + $7.95, total = $50.20).

Description of Favors Above:

FBOO-C... Baby Bootie Fabric Pouch, 
in  Pink, Blue or Yellow.
Size:  3 1/2"L x 2 1/8"H

FOVR-C... Baby Overall Fabric Pouch, 
in Blue.
Size:  2 1/4"W x 4 7/8"H

FBIB-C ... Baby Bib Fabric Pouch,
in Pink.
Size:  3 1/2"W x 4"H
Handmade Fabric Pouches for Almonds or Mints, as described on left.  Just stuff them with your favorite nuts or candy.
Note: The openings (at top right) to fill the pouches are only 1 inch long for the Overall and Bib, and 1 1/2"L  for the Bootie.  The pacifier and pin is included, but not attached when delivered to you.  This is done to save you time when you stuff them.
With Pacifier in same color!
The pacifier beautifies the pin, which is also used to seal off the pouch, after you put some candy in it for your guests.
  ...To keep as a memento of your celebration!
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Note:  If you order 50, 75 or 100 pieces, your order will be combined automatically
and we will credit/refund any additional shipping costs to your account, i.e., fifty items
will still cost only $7.95 to ship and the additional $7.95 will be refunded.  You can mix
items by ordering from different carts (minimum 25 each) and we automatically
combine your order and ship it all to the same address, in one shipping package.

FBOO-C, Blue Bootie, 25 pieces
Quantity: unit(s)

FBOO-C, Yellow Bootie, 25 pieces
Quantity: unit(s)

FBOO-C, Pink Bootie, 25 pieces
Quantity: unit(s)

FOVR-C Blue Overall, 25 pieces
Quantity: unit(s)

FOVR-C Pink Overall, 25 pieces
Quantity: unit(s)

FBIB-C, Blue Bib, 25 pieces
Quantity: unit(s)

FBIB-C, Pink Bib, 25 pieces
Quantity: unit(s)

For more than 25 pieces, please order by check or double your credit card order for 50 pieces, etc.
New York State Orders Automatically Include only 6% Sales Tax.
We pay any additional sales tax above 6%.
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Typical Customer Feedback:

<< I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful blue pouch favor that I
just ordered off of you.  I just received them in the mail last week and
I think they are so cute.  I can't wait to have my sister's baby shower.
Everyone is going to love them.  I was looking for something different
than the usual and these are so unique.  Thanks again for helping me
make this shower special.   Keep up the good work. 
                                                  Paula & Ron H... >>
Dear Mr. Franco, 
What beautiful handmade baby bootie favors!! We all just love them and 
cannot wait to display them with english netting and give them as favors at my sister's baby shower in August. Out of all the baby shower favor websites, you have the BEST!! So original and unique!! Thank you so much  for your prompt service and your great customer service!! 
Sincerely,  Ann Marie A. 

Dear Mr. Franco,
I just had to write again to tell you how your yellow bootie favors were
the talk of my sister's baby shower!!!  EVERYONE just loved them and
wanted to know where I bought such beautiful, unique favors. I wrapped
each one in english netting with french mints with matching gingham
ribbon. The compliments I received all day at the shower were
WONDERFUL.  Of course, I told everyone about your website and I hope they ALL buy from you!! And, thank you for putting my note on your
website!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!
Sincerely,  Ann Marie A.

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