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 Price:  $0.85 each, with minimum purchase of  35 pieces.
(Total cost , 35 x $0.85 each + shipping and handling= $29.75 + $7.95, total = $37.70).
Description of Favors Above: 

CBOT-A ... Baby Bottle is set in center of lace, in  Blue or Yellow. 

CSTK ... The Stork is centered in White with Golden Yellow trim. 

CPAC-B ... Baby Pacifier is set in center of lace, in Pink or White. 

Three-piece favors complete with lace (lace size is 2 inches), ribbon and miniature figure, as described on left. 

 Place them on your guests!  
_____(Pins not included)______ 

 To keep as a memento of your celebration. 

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CBOT-A, Blue Bottle, 35 pieces
Quantity: unit(s)
CBOT-A, Yellow Bottle, 35 pieces
Quantity: unit(s)
CSTK,  Stork, Y/Trim, 35 pieces
Quantity: unit(s)
CPAC-B, Pink Pacifier, 35 pieces
Quantity: unit(s)
CPAC-B, White Pacifier, 35 pieces
Quantity: unit(s)
For more than 35 pieces, please order by check or double your credit card order for 70 pieces, etc.
New York State Orders Must Include Sales Tax
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