__________So Odd and So Strange__________

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So Odd and So Strange 

Pink, blue, yellow and green 
Four colors representing the color label scheme 
Or- should it go, blue, pink, green and yellow 
Does he have first preference for being a fellow 
Before we are born, it is all arranged 
A two color category, So Odd and So Strange 
It is yellow and green until we are seen 
Upon arrival another pattern begins 
Itís individual colors, except for twins 
Itís blue for he and pink for she 
Soft-pink, it's a little girl 
Treat her gentle, not too rough 
She is too fragile and will not be tough 
Dolls and carriages, household things are for you 
You will need this exposure for what you must do 
 Pretty things are bought and given to you 
Some essentials for a wife and mother 
But none to be given to brother. 

Our little girl 
We influence what she could be 
Her friends and family say sheíll be just like me 
A Nurse, an Elementary Teacher or Hairdresser 
The stereotypical few 
If thereís no career, a housewife will do 
Bold-blue, itís a little/big man 
Treat him rough and tough 
No gentle stuff 
No tears to shed to show youíre weak 
Thatís sissy stuff 
Many high mountains you will seek 
Sports equipment, hot cars and tools too 
A handyman from the color blue 
Rugged things are bought for you 
Our big bruiser 
You have so many things to choose to be 
And itís most important to you professionally 
Develop your mind for the leader to be 
As we damage our hopes for equality 

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