HILTRA Monitoring System
 High Resolution Black And White CCD Camera
With Built-In Microphone - Part # HTC-2000
Hallway Store Factory
Elevator Property 
Back & 
Rear View
 The CCD Camera connects to your TV or a Monitor
Camera Features: 
...High quality 1/3" CCD Camera with high resolution. 
...A 3.6 mm Lens, with automatic light compensation. 
...Built-in Infra Red Illuminator for night vision. 
...Mounting bracket and 27 ft cable. 
...Built-in condenser microphone monitors the area in which the camera is installed. 
...UL approved AC adapter, 110 Volts. 
...Resolution:  CCIR-380 TV Lines, EIA-350 TV Lines.
Mount the camera in a weather protected area using the supplied screws (Do not aim camera into direct sunlight nor a bright artificial light). 
Avoid areas near motors, transformers and/or neon lights, as these can cause interference. 
Make sure power to the camera and TV are off during installation. 
Using the 27 ft camera cable, connect the camera to the CN4 connector, then connect the CN4 connector to the TV or VCR by using the 3 ft RCA AV cable.
Accessories Included: 
Camera with bracket and 27 ft cable.  CN4 Connector and 3 ft RCA AV cable. 
Screw pack for camera installation.   UL approved AC adapter. 

Price for Camera and Accessories:  Suggested Sale Price:  $224.95 
Your Cost, Including Shipping:  $199.95   
(Weight: 1 lb. 10 oz.     Packaging:  15 1/4" x 3" x 11 1/2" )

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Price: $199.95, includes shipping in USA
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