The days of Mom and Pop reflect the 50's and 60's with nostalgia, as our Jukeboxes are designed to recreate.  This longing for "the good old days" is brought into your home and flashes back on memories and happiness, from situations not in our present, but in our minds to enjoy.
Dance, Dance, Dance
Our Jukebox creations; from smaller players to larger and more powerful ones;  and our 1956 Car Dashboard radios;   play music for your dancing and listening pleasure.  We take pride in joining you in your home with our Diner Player;  and other special gift items from none other than...
Baby Gifts for Parents

We take pride in sending our gift items to your entire family.  Music that you enjoy will find the way to eliminate anxiety and tension and help you to live your life in harmony with your family.

Our best wishes go out to you and yours!

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