Diner & Dashboard Replica Players
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Diner Cassette Player & AM/FM Radio 
10 lbs.
#543.359 ...A gift with a special touch!

Great for home or office!

...Authentic1950's Replica
...Finished in brilliant chrome
...AM/FM Cassette Player 
...Operates on household current
...Front panel lights up 
...Concealed dial scale
...Lighted movable list of classical songs
...Built-in antenna for radio
...Wall mountable
Size:  12"W x 5.75"D x 13.5"H

Special Price:  $119.95, includes shipping in USA.  #543.359

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The Overdrive AM/FM, Cassette Stereo Player

#1026100R (Red Top) 15 lbs.

#1026100T (Teal Top) 15 lbs.
 ...An attractive, eye catching, gift!

A true replica of the famous1955 - 1957 automobiles dashboard.  The oversize steering wheel and large speedometer capture that classic style of its era.

...High impact plastic 
...Lighted tuning dial
...Operates on household current or 8 "D" size batteries (not included)
...Separate bass and treble controls
...AM/FM Stereo and Cassette Player 
...Stereo headphone output jack
...Telescoping antenna for outsanding reception
Size:  5"W x 13"H  x 22"L

Special Price:  $269.95, includes 
 shipping in USA.  #1026100R 
(Red Top)
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#1026100T (Teal Top)
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