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 Price:  $0.85 each, with minimum purchase of  35 pieces.
(Total cost , 35 x $0.85 each + shipping and handling= $29.75 + $7.95, total = $37.70).
Description of Favors Above: 

CS16... Sweet 16 (Gold Look Print) is set in center of white lace. 

CBSH... Baby Shower (Gold Look Print) is set in center of white lace. 

CBIR... Birds and Rings (Gold Look Print) set in center of white lace. 

Three-piece favors complete with lace (lace size is 2 inches), ribbon and miniature figure, as described on left. 

 Place them on your guests!  
_____(Pins not included)______ 

 To keep as a memento of your celebration. 

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CS16, Sweet 16, 35 pieces
Quantity: unit(s)
CBSH, Baby Shower, 35 pieces
Quantity: unit(s)
CBIR, Birds & Rings, 35 pieces
Quantity: unit(s)
For more than 35 pieces, please order by check or double your credit card order for 70 pieces, etc.
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