Baby Home Safety Starter Kit

Your Baby Can Never Be Too Safe!
Baby Home Safety - 71 Items Kit! 

*Babysitter Guide Book
*Sponge Tape
(for Sharp Edges)
*6 Gripping Tub/Shower Stickers
*Bath Thermometer
(Yellow Duck)
*6 Glass Door Stickers
*CPR/Chocking Fridge Magnet
*2 Door Stops
*24 Outlet Plugs
*6 Draw Latches 
*VCR Lock
*2 Door Knob Grips
*Cabinet Flex Lock
*4 Stove Knob Covers
*Cabinet Slide Lock
*4 Corner Covers
*2 Cord Wind-Ups
*2 Door Finger Guards
*3 Appliances Latches
*2 Two Touch Outlet Covers
*Complete Instruction Booklet

Safe & Sound


Know the facts about 
home safety

*Accidents are the #1 killer of children today
*10. 4 million emergency room visits
*9 out of 10 home accidents can be prevented
*Each year, 8,000 children are killed and 50,000 children are permanently disabled by preventable injuries(

Excellent Baby/Child Safety Gifts for The Home!

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