Security Play Set for Children

"Spy Zone"

Fun Gift for Children... Boys & Girls!
Spy Gear for Children

Ages 5 and Up!
4 Batteries All Included!
--Telescope Transforms Into Microscope
--Sonic Listening Device To:
Hear Distant Events
 (With Earphone)
--Mini Camera Fits in Pocket
(110 Film Not Included)
--Stick Recorder Fits in Pocket
Spy Zone

Complete Set!

  Ideal for Children ages 5 Up!

Play Set
New Spy Zone Value Pack - 
This 4 in 1 pack with everything
 needed to be a secret agent or detective.  It includes a 110mm camera, a mini recorder, a spy ear
listening device and a telescope/ microscope.  The Sale Price is 

$29.95 and includes shipping in the USA. 

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