Micro super jack: remote starter car jack with universal remote access

This remote control jack is an engineering marvel & one of the most innovative products around. Super jack does not require hydraulic fluid or a tire iron. Jack up your car to: fix a flat, change tires, change a flat tire, adding alloy wheels; chrome rims; or alloy rims, or for rotating tires or tire replacement. Mobile jack can replace many car jacks such as the floor jack, hydaulic jack, hydraulic car jack, bumper jack and hydraulic lift.

High-tech solutions, automobile automation & car automation

As new products go, the cutting edge technology of this 2 ton jack makes it one of the most creative products in the automobile accessories market. Auto accessories and car supplies are constantly changing. High-tech products, car parts, auto parts, automobile supplies, tools, power tools & hi-tech tools can be found at your local retailer. Hard to find tools such as this hydrolic car jack and other hi tech products such as remote control tools and luxury automobile accessories can not be found at automobile parts stores. These remote tools and high tech products are more likely found on the internet and specialty car accessories stores.

12 Volt DC products, cigarette lighters & remote controls.

This 12V DC superjack works by remote control off of automobile lighters. Car lighters power up this remote power jack with hydraulics to height requirements necessary for fixing flats, changing spare tires, or other auto tasks associated with car repair, auto service or car services. Automobile repair with remote control tools and the high jack capabilities of super car jack makes fixing a flat and auto repair a breeze. Even popular mechanics consider this to be a mechanic's assistant for car repairs. Auto supplies and mechanic's tools like super car jack are great gift ideas for the mechanics on your shopping list.

Traveling equipment, traveling safety, roadside assistance.

When traveling cross country, it is important to have a traveling companion, travel equipment, a roadside emergency kit and a car emergency kit. Your automobile emergency kit and traveling accessories, camping accessories and fishing accessories should include super mobile jack. When performing auto repairs, automobile safety is the most important thing to consider. Always keep a set of jack stands in your auto emergency kit and use in conjunction with super jack for car service.

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