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About our houses

Greenleaf is one the largest manufacturers of dollhouses in the world.  Our products are sold to hobbyists worldwide.

What makes our dollhouses unique?  The answer is a combination of factors,  not the least of  which are exceptional design and extremely reasonable prices.  Our houses are acknowledged by many to have the best design in the entire miniatures industry; they at once artistic, authentic and delightful to the eye.  Instructions are clear and well illustrated, and there is a "satisfaction guaranteed" warranty in every kit.  Add this to a most affordable price tag, and quality die cutting and you have a winning product.

Our houses are remarkable for the many additional features that are included:  silk-screened windows, built-in shelves, fireplaces and bay windows, to name but a few.  All of the houses feature an easy "tab and slot" assembly requiring no nails, screws 
or tools.  We recommend hot glue for easy construction, though any wood glue can be used.

Greenleaf has been manufacturing dollhouses since the early 1970s.  Orders and questions are handled through e-mail:  and shipments generally go out immediately after checks or credits are cleared, within 72 hours.
We are a service oriented company.


Before you even open a Greenleaf kit, you know you have bought a quality product!  The kit itself is boxed in sturdy UPS shipping corrugated with handsome full color full wrap label including a four color picture to guide you to the finished product.


Easy Assembly

Greenleaf  contain all the pre-cut plywood and plastic window parts needed to assemble a dollhouse.  The houses are constructed of 1/8 inch high grade plywood, and to preserve the sense of scale, various thickness' of wood are used for the trim pieces. Our Village sets are approximately 1/4" scale.  Most of our houses are the popular 1" to 1' size.

Each kit contains easy-to-read instructions with many illustrations and schematic drawings.  We get many compliments on our instructions. 

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Buy With Confidence!       Greenleaf's Guarantee
We make every effort to bring you our products in perfect condition.  However, if you need help or find any missing parts call us and we'll happily answer your questions or replace the part.
Opened kits cannot be returned without an inspection process, at
the purchaser's expense for damages, including shipping and repackaging.
Note:  Paint is not included in our kits.  Hobbyists take pride in selecting their own coloring.

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Greenleaf  c/o
V. Franco

2649 Ocean Avenue
Seaford, NY 11783-3420
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