1StopAuto- Your one stop shop for all your new car needs. A great site for when you want to make your car truly your own. Everything you need to customize your ride!

CarsDirect- There realy hasn't been an easier way to buy a new car or truck on-line yet. CarsDirect does it right the first time and will make your shopping experience and easy and un-stressful experience. You owe it to yourself to check out their services. Make a traditionally hard experience fun!

EZ-Lug- This is a fantastic break through product that makes removing lug nuts a BREEZE.  The 32 to 1 torque allows just about anyone the ability to remove even the most stubborn lug nuts.

SuperJack- An  incredible car jack that fits in the palm of your hand.  This remote control car jack simply plugs into the cigarette lighter and will lift up to 2 tons with the press of a button.

Trailer-Hitch - Patington Inc. - Solutions for hitching alone:  quick and easy hitch alignment for boats, campers, utility or livestock trailers, farm and construction equipment.  No more "in/out" routine or second person assistance needed.  Ideal for anyone, any age.  Great as a gift!!

Xcort- The incredible 12 Volt cooler/warmer that works off of the cigarette lighter.  It can cool about 8 cans of soda or keep your coffee or baby bottles warm .  A must have travel companion.

Warranty Direct-  Save up to 60% on an extended warranty, for used or new cars, RVs, Trucks, Boats, and Motorcycles. Warranty Direct extended warranties are backed for your protection by one of the fifty (50) largest property/casualty insurance operations in the country.