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*Select Xcort*

A Mobile Cooler and Warmer

for Camping & Travel: Cars, Boats, RVs & Trucks

Cools food and drinks to 38°F.

Warms food and drinks  to serving temperatures of 140°F.

12 volt cigarette lighter plug.
Extends to 9 feet.

No coolants to replace.
No moving parts.
Entirely solid state. 
Built to last.

Holds an 8 pack of canned beverages.

Low power usage (only 45 Watts 12V DC).


Never again will you travel or camp with
COLD food or WARM drinks!!!


The amazing Select Xcort warms or cools your meals while you travel!  Powered by your vehicle's cigarette lighter, Select Xcort can keep drinks cool, or keep foods warm at serving temperature, all with no moving parts!  Great for picnics and camping trips while making your drive more enjoyable.
· Outer Dimensions
· Capacity
· Net Weight
· Power input
· Power consumption
· Temperature Cool
· Temperature Warm
· Cooling method
· Power cord
· Accessories
· Packing
13"L x 7" W x 9.5" H
4.7 Liters
6 Ibs.
45 watt at DC 12V
38° F (at room temp of 77° F)
140° F
Thermoelectric element
9 ft. with cigarette adapter plug 
Car strap 15.5" (2 pieces)
1 pc/inner box/4 boxes/ctn

Select Xcort heats food up to 140° F, chills down to 38°F just by plugging it into your car or boat 12-volt cigarette lighter.  The roomy Select Xcort holds up to 4.7 liters of food or drink and fits comfortably on the front seat so you can use it as an armrest.  Select Xcort heating and cooling system is entirely solid state, no moving parts to wear out or expensive coolants to replace.
This product is also available with an AC adapter included for and additional $15.

For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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Email:  xcortcooler@browsermall.com